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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 23, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> you have to lead us to sierra to help end this nightmare. all >> volunteers will be back elsa to lower wednesday all car current to recover her body. >> the power is in the hands of garcia torras. he has a bargaining position that he doesn't deserve to have. we need to go out and find the sierra, whatever that means. >> those in of the suspect are surprised by the arrest.
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>> antolin garcia torres attended central high school in morgan hill. >> he was a kid kid as far as his behavior and personality. he was always a very pleasant. always respectful. he was not the most academically excitable kid. you would nothing he had a dark side. " a former teacher said he cannot believe he has been arrested for murder. >> i was in total shock. kron4 >> i think he is innocent. aha
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>> he has the arrested for felony assault with that case has now been prosecuted. the has been linked to one of three assaults in a sieve with parking lot. authorities confirmed he was a safeway employee. >> we have evidence that we were able to obtain back in 2009 and has been linked to the suspect. >> friends of sierra lamar
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are holding out hope that she is alive. >> a cat's dish used it because they have not found her body. i still have some hope the she is alive. >> will comes to my mind is that someone hurt her. >> it made me sad. i would rather her be found than anything else. >>justine: the shares is saying their investigation
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centered on siri torres early on. as fbi agents during the
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investigation marc klaas mobilizes volunteers. on may 8th deputies released the information that they have impounded a red volkswagen jetta with a black could. the area where sierra lamar disappeared. >> to the dna of garcia torahs was detected on items belonging to sierra lamar. >>mark: let's get a check
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clerk of the forecast. >>erica: we have low cloud cover situated along the coastline. breezy conditions there. mostly clear conditions around the bay. in terms of temperatures, a good mix of fifties. is it for santa rosa. low fifties for half moon bay. we do not have fog today, but we do have gusty winds.
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house as we advanced the clock will see the blue on the screen which does indicate wind gusts in the 20 mi. per hour range. certainly hold onto your hats, we are anticipating preconditions. check potential for showers as we head into friday. so >>justine: here is a quick bridge check.
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it's an unbelievable deal, so why wait? act now! act now! like he said. ♪ >>justine: the president is visiting the bay area today. he is here raising money for his reelection campaign. of course reggie kumar tells us about the three events the commander-in-chief will be attending. >>reggie: the first stop is a dinner entrees are on wednesday, 5:15 p.m. at a philanthropist's home in
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atherton. the event costs more than $35,000 per person. this is video of the president's last visit in february when he made a surprise stop to chinatown. he will then travel to the redwood city fox theater. if of cocotte the president's last stop will be at the garden court hotel at 8:00 a.m. on thursday for a campaign round table with the asian-american pacific islanders community. tickets are $35,000 per person. >>james: we will take a break it to be back with more in a moment.
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hoffman of
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>> led the mayor and no early that this was an opportunity we have to pursue. >> they are the golden state warriors. >> the mayor expect groundbreakings into a half years after all of the environmental and structural studies and plans are complete.
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>>james: this difference is the economy is billed to benefit for decades. cops
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>> instead of having an off season with the giants, we will have basketball and baseball. it will be fantastic. >> bars and restaurants will start seeing more traffic. ccs costs
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>>justine: we're going to check in with air to get a look at the forecast for today.
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>> here is a breakdown neighborhood by neighborhood. the potential these exists for the inland east bay spots. your satellite and radar does show clear conditions over the bay area right now. we do have a storm system making its way in from the pacific northwest. with that you will see rain will really only have had to those of you north of the golden gate bridge. windy conditions for the next couple of days it cooler weather tomorrow.
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thunderstorms and hail will certainly be a possibility.
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if >>justine: if person injured by a driver was texas' newest and the driver in the person who sent the text message. the of the accident happened in new jersey allow list lead the country road. this couple was out for a
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sunday drive. >> we went around a curve and saw a pickup truck coming right for us with the young man with his elbows steering. he was detected. >> of both david it his wife lost a leg. cell phone records show that the driver was taxing a girlfriend virtually at the moment of impact. they are suing them both say that the girl and her friend was driving. course demand is under
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arrest in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar who went missing nine weeks ago. her body still has not been found. he was arrested in the parking lot of the safeway store in morgan hill and a classmate of lamar is telling kron4 she was there frequent police made the arrests. >> we pulled into the parking lot, the guy walked past hour window. all the sudden, the undercover police came yelling get of the ground. we were swarmed with cops. we did not know what to do. we were really shook it up. >>justine: grief counselors
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will be on the campus throughout the week. >> it is really said. to was so young. she did not deserve that. >> they still not have proof that she is not alive so our hopes are up. >> she says she is glad that the murder suspect in the case is now in custody. >> we're happy he is not on the streets anymore.
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>>justine: we know that searchers will go out again today in hopes of finding sierra. >> here you can see it
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members of the underwater search team headed out with sonar technology. this device is drafted behind the bull capturing images like this with here. this will shows a car approximately 50 ft. below the surface.
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>>erica: this is the last day that we could potentially cds for quite some time as we are going to experience a quarto starting tomorrow. they do have the potential for some showers heading into the latter part of the work week. right now it is overall clear with a little bit of cloud cover situated over the coastline. windy conditions of the higher elevations. let's take a look at some of the temperatures right outside the door. the blue on the screen indicates a good mix of '50s.
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as we head into the afternoon, mostly sunny conditions. it will be pretty comfortable around a majority of the bay area. by lunchtime, the majority of us will be sitting in the teens. as the advanced the clock in to the 5:00 hour 24 mi. an hour sustained winds. your is it look to your respective highs for today.
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the 7 day around the bay forecast shows windy conditions persisting of. we have a cold front moving closer to the area. by friday, a 10-20 percent chance of showers.
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>>james: governor brown estimated the state would generate over 1 billion from tax related to the sale of facebook stock. yesterday, facebook stock was trading below and could increase the budget deficit. top security regulators in massachusetts have subpoenaed morgan >>stanley: over allegations that it gave only select clients-the information about facebook before last week's ipo. morgan >>stanley: is one of the underwriters of the facebook ipo shots
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>>justine: fish and game officials say they had no choice but to shoot and kill a mountain lion found wandering the streets. they first tried to tranquilize the big cat but it kept trying to get away and charging after the use the fire hose on it. officials did end up shooting the animal. >> the pilot of a small fleet was able to for himself after crashing into a residential neighborhood in glendale on monday night. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. more than 69 people lost power when the cessna had electricals before landing in a yard.
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it is unclear what caused the crash is that no one else was hurt. >>james: when we come back, oakland police are looking for who ever assaulted a woman. for we have a sketch to show you.
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>> oakland police have released a sketch of this man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman. police are offering a $5,000 reward in the case. oakland police are offering $59 in reward money to help find this man. they believe he attempted to rob a wells fargo bank on monday.
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he approached a teller and demanded money. >>justine: berkeley police are responding to allegations that department resources were used to search for distillate iphone of the chief's son. spokesperson says the chief did not order an investigation into his son's still live phone. the phone was still live on january 11th. the chief reportedly uses old folk to track the signal of his son's boat. members of the drug task force were called by a surge check out the area where the signal and did. there were four officers that worked the case for several hours. the fund was never recovered and officers did not file a report which the spokesperson is saying was an oversight. in berkeley, a man is facing multiple felony charges for a crash that killed his girlfriend and paralyzed her son. it happened early police say he was speeding and driving
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drop of the crash happened. his girlfriend died at the scene in her six worlds of is still on life-support at children's hospital. >>james: let's get an update on the forecast. >>erica: it is not too bad of a morning. clear conditions. microclimates are coming in to play with potential for mostly '60s, '70s for bass spots in florida with low 80s as he headed to the inland areas. tomorrow, we will experience a cool down.
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we will thus the in the '80s. just in time for friday will be dealing with a called fourth that will actually produce moisture. in terms of the afternoon highs slated for today, los 70's to the abundance of. plenty of sunshine here. we will see sunshine and blue skies and also pretty gusty conditions. in the inland the space-bar tickets the low 80s. los 70's for castro valley. upper 60s for union city. it looks like a good mix of '60s and '70s for the east shores. clear conditions over the bay area.
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a cold from is approaching with gusty conditions for a 10-20 percent chance of showers for friday. the showers will feet north of the golden gate bridge. with the wet weather activity we could see thunderstorms and hail produced. it looks the pretty nice memorial day. we do not have any hot spot to tell you about. drive with extra caution in cable audience on the steering wheel. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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renters are island there is a stall for five of oxford
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>>justine: the giants have no would aid of their last 11 games. san francisco beat milwaukee 6-4.
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>>justine: real retracts can be a dangerous place. >>stanley: these kids are walking on active train tracks despite this side. this is why you often hear about people getting hit by trains. they yelled at me that there a point to tell their mother i was fitted keeping them. i hope they do. the train is coming in this kid wants to play near the tracks until someone grabs him. these girls cross the tracks illegally. one death on train tracks is one too many. >> as a result after taking
4:57 am
added measures to make sure the drivers that come to the real retracts do so with precautions in stopping as required by law. i am happy to say every school bus carrying students stopped but did not open the doors to check which is required by law. the bay area has had for too many train collisions but now i know what.
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above or >>mark: a man has been arrested in the search for sierra lamar. >>darya: the president is visiting the bay area. we will tell you what is on tap for the commander in chief. >>mark: hewlett-packard will be laying off 7% of its work force today. >>darya: here is a quick look at weather and traffic. >>james: the fog will clear
5:01 am
relatively quickly. this afternoon mostly sunny and breezy. it looks like we have a cool down still in store, possibles recalls on friday. >>erica: we do have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. at the approach to the bay bridge we're dealing with a stalled vehicle closer to a treasure island. at the toll plaza flats, no back up to speak of. >>mark: in the south bay, a search for sierra lamar continues. 21 year-old antolin garcia torres was booked into santa clara county jail and arrested on one count of
5:02 am
murder and kidnapping. he is the owner of the red jetta and police believe at this point that sierra lamar is dead. not everyone shares that opinion. will tran is live in morgan hill where another volunteer search is expected to happen. >>will: so far they have not recovered the body. tsk now that the news is out we will see if it reinvigorate people to turn out more but still, marc klaas with the klass kids foundation says until they
5:03 am
feel otherwise or get any other evidence, they still believe she is out there alive. >>darya: the president will be in the bay area today. jackie sissel is in front of the fox theater where the president is set to make an appearance. >>jackie: he is due here sometime this evening. the doors will be opening around 7:00 a.m.. this is one of three stops of the bay area of the next two days.
5:04 am
he is trying to raise money for his reelection campaign. he is supposed to stay overnight in san jose and have a third fund-raiser on thursday morning. this is his second visit since february.
5:05 am
>> its my understanding is already sold out. tickets range from 2 to $50-$1,000. >>darya: how about the accessibility of the area? >> with the president is in town security is paramount. this is right on broadway in downtown redwood city. a lot of this area is going to be blocked off. regency the redwood city patrol cars in the area, secret service will be in the area. every time the president visits, it is a big deal in the security is paramount.
5:06 am
>>mark: european leaders meeting today to discuss jobs. all three embassies are down. dow futures are off 71 points ahead of the opening bell. a word from h-p, hewlett- packard cut out another round of substantial job cuts. as many as 25,000 could lose their jobs. close to through the 50,000 people are employed worldwide. third >>darya: the state budget could take another hit if facebook stock continues to slide. the governor estimates system would generate one
5:07 am
clean 9 billion of the next 13 months from taxes related to the sales of facebook stock. those estimates were based on prices of $31 a share. yesterday, facebook was trading at $31 a share. top securities regulators and massachusetts have subpoenaed -- have been subpoenaed about giving it negative information to only select clients. morgan >>stanley: is one of the underwriters of the facebook ipo and it is suspected of telling release of its high- end clients about the lower estimates of facebook filing. there is no indication that facebook officials were aware of what morgan >>stanley: did. >>darya: we are back with
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more in a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: convicted serial killer was pleased shermantine has been leading authorities to burial sites across california. so far more than 1000 old friends have been found. now, shermantine is talking about the murders he admits he was involved in after initially leaving the murders on his partner. this shermantine added that he tries not to think about the things he has done because he does not want to have nightmares. he remains on death row.
5:12 am
>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from one of our cameras to give you look at what he will face ahead of the door. look at what he will face ahead of the door. cost [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>mark: two weeks after the president announced his support of gay marriage, it didn't make a difference in his campaign. 17 percent of this wall street journal poll say they are somewhat more likely to involve the president after that announcement while 20 percent say the announcement would make them more likely to vote for mitt romney. >>darya: there are reports
5:16 am
that four witnesses in the treyvon martin case changed their initial accounts of what they say they saw or heard the night that treyvon martin was shot and killed by george zimmerman. the orlando sentinel reports these renditions may hurt the case of zimmerman. a fourth witness changed her initial story about seeing one person to see another stating she saw only one person. >>james: the wind is helping to clear out any fog we had been dealing with earlier in the week.
5:17 am
>>james: future cat's is calling for '60s and '70s around the noon hour.
5:18 am
most of the bay area will see '60s and '70s. sprinkles friday it but it will be gone as we headed to the memorial weekend saturday and sunday. >>erica: pretty slick conditions across the incline and up the upper deck.
5:19 am
no major accidents to report. was down 24 to the caldecott is moving pretty well. there are no major delays coming off of the optima past. >> a fight in golden gate park less demand in the hospital with life- threatening injuries.
5:20 am
the one man hunched the victim who fell and struck his head on the ground, losing consciousness. >>mark: this sketch has been released, the man allegedly sexually assaulting a woman on may 1st near the intersection of holly street in the 90th ave. he pushed the woman to the ground and then attacked her. the suspect is described as an african-american man in his thirties. 5 ft. 9 in. with a dark complexion and a mustache. police are offering a $5,000 reward in the case. oakland police are offering a $1,500 reward to find this man who attempted to rob a wells fargo bank on broadway.
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>>darya: for $179 a year, he combined a security check what lines but still have to go to physical screenings. this could shave off an average of 30 minutes of wait time. to find out more about the clear program have a link on
5:28 am
>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. traffic is light. we're waiting for the son to come up. gorbachev's
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>>darya: the president will be in the bay area for a quick visit today. we will be watching the markets when it opened in about an hour. the dow is off nearly 90 points. >> the wind has done a good job only a few select
5:31 am
pockets along the coast. mostly sunny with temperatures in the '60s in the low 80s inland. cooler still for friday. >>erica: a quick commute check shows the freeways moving well. a smooth and easy ride coming out of marin county. >> the president is heading to the south bay to raise some campaign cash.
5:32 am
the president will be attending a dinner at the atherton home of lisa and the goldman. tickets cost almost $36,000 a person. from there he heads to redwood city fox theater for a large rally.
5:33 am
>> we met the mayor a little early. >>darya: the warriors have called oklahoma since the '70s. officials hoped to make the team a key part of a massive redevelopment project. they say the warriors are always welcome back if the plants with san francisco falter. >> we have to step up our game in the city of oakland to make sure that we are able to keep things good and we hope that major-league baseball makes a positive decision.
5:34 am
we will certainly keep our options open.
5:35 am
>>yoli: is great for a bicyclist. they will be able to use the west sidewalk but not until 3:30 p.m.. it is open from 3:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. exclusively for a bicyclist. they have been sharing the east side since january because of some construction work close to the toll plaza. it has been a little rough having to share the road.
5:36 am
>> romney is 110 delegates shy of winning the republican nomination. ron it will likely pick up the delegates he needs in texas next week. former first lady nancy reagan is slowly recovering
5:37 am
this morning. she fell six weeks ago at her california home breaking her rest. she was supposed to attend a speech by a house budget commissioner at the reagan presidential library but her doctor does not want her attending any large gatherings right now. finn >>darya: a new study shows that mothers giving vaccines during pregnancy can help their babies. they also felt the women were less likely that a preterm births. the findings are helpful in the discussion of maternal vaccinations. >>justine: here is what is happening today. the daughter of roll castro is it said francisco meeting with gay-rights activists. she is an outspoken gay- rights activists in cuba.
5:38 am
scott with whom
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>>darya: wesley shermantine is speaking now from death row. he has been leading authorities to burial sites across northern california. more than 1000 bone fragments have been found. reggie kumar has more on what shermantine had to say. >>host: shermantine spoke of from death row. he is convicted of murdering four women.
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football faugh flow death
5:45 am
>>mark: a wedding did surprise in kansas. this midwestern couple did not lead to a nearby 20 to stop them from getting married. they finished their ceremony at a kansas farm house as the twisters were touching down about 8 mi. away. the bride says the twisters made for great wedding pictures.
5:46 am
>>darya: let's get a look at the weather. low clouds will clear away by 9:00 a.m..
5:47 am
>>james: 80 degree weather for concord and nt up. here is a quick look at your 7 day around the bay. a 20 percent chance of
5:48 am
sprinkel is around the bay. it will only last for a date. >> traffic is moving smoothly not only here but across the upper deck. the high with adviser has been cancelled. of the traffic maps we have seen the first instances of slowing, and tore down 101 approaching 87.
5:49 am
the green of the roadway sensors shows the top speeds, a drive of 23 minutes out of nevada into the city. interstate 280 is moving well. >> railroad tracks can be a dangerous place. as stanley roberts reports there are still plenty of people beating badly. >>stanley: well, it's hedging cover these kids were walking by the tracks and told their mob i was going to videotape the. i seriously hope they do. this is an amtrak train is coming into this kid wants to play near the tracks. these two cross the tracks
5:50 am
illegally. lately i have been doing segments of rail safety. >> only one ac transit bus came to a complete stop. this would never even slow down. i am happy to say that every school bus carrying children stopped although most did not open the doors to check which is also required by law. the bay area has had far too
5:51 am
many train collisions. now, i know why. there appears to be the respect for the trains. thoughtful >>darya: if you have a story or, but for some recovery tim on facebook, its water or e-mail him directly? sphere
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>mark: check out buster posey smashing double of the miller turks scoreboard. met king it double with allowing four runs and 11 hits. oakland has been shut out for the seventh time this year.
5:56 am
the loss angeles kings are headed to the >>stanley: cup finals. >>darya: coming up on the kron4 news, the president of the united states comes to the bay area. he arrives today. we will tell you what is on his schedule. witnesses in the treyvon martin case are changing their story.
5:57 am
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional.
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aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >>mark: thank you for joining us. this man has been arrested in connection of sierra lamar. will bring you the latest. >>darya: the president visits the bay area today. we will tell you where he will be. >> hewlett-packard could lay off 7% of its work force today. will tell you how many employees could get him slips. >>darya: here is a quick look at weather and traffic. foot of some >>james: this after


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